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5 reasons why life on mars will be exciting

Mars - The red planet and life on mars
MARS: The Red Planet

Since you have come to this part of the web server, you must be wondering about what life on Mars would be like and how exciting would it be. There is no doubt about the number of opportunities we would have unfolded once there is even a slight chance that humans are going to survive on the red planet. Survival of any kind of life on mars would be a great challenge for our scientists and to make that possible you must have heard about all the experiments that are taking place around the globe to make our human species multi-planetary. The sheer thought of how our life would be on the red planet has engraved a lot of excitement among us and today I have brought 5 exciting points that you would love to read.


  2. Square Roots - Kimbal Musk, its founder is continuously striving on how to grow crops in the most severe conditions so that the basic necessity of life on Mars would be possible and the space that these food resources will be taking would be utilized otherwise.

  3. AI SpaceFactory - A 3D printing company looking forward to construct massive structures with the help of AI Robots using the martian soil so that human civilization could live peacefully on the red planet.

  4. Laser communications to send more information home - Human missions to Mars may use lasers to stay in touch with Earth. Through this, we would be sending large volumes of data to earth within seconds to improve the living conditions on the red planet.

  5. FACILITATE SPACE MINING Another exciting thing about Mars colonization is the vast amount of resources that would be accessible to us. Our Earth has resources that have lasted for more than millions of years, imagine the possibility of becoming a space-faring civilization and the number of resources that we can utilize not only from the red planet but from the entire universe. This ideology relates to Kardashev's scale which tells you about the types of civilization that we can become in this universe and beyond. An interesting theory which you must go through.

  6. HUMANS WILL BECOME SPACEFARING CIVILISATION This is something that we cannot deny anymore. The advancement we can see Elon Musk's company SpaceX is trying to make is not a far-fetched dream where we can see a bustling life emerging on the red planet. The sooner we find the formula of how to capture and move easily through space, it won't be long when we see missions to the nearest galaxy, ANDROMEDA.

  7. LIFE ON MARS HAVE EXISTED FOR A LONG TIME As we move further with our discoveries, it is seen that there are already a lot of researches showing the existence of life on Mars. And as Neil Degrease Tyson mentions: "Claiming there is no other life in the universe is like scooping up some water, looking at the cup, and claiming there are no whales in the ocean." So who knows, we might encounter alien species or maybe we start coexisting with them in the same environment.

  8. WATCHING 2 MOONS IN THE NIGHT SKY Mars has 2 moons namely Phobos and Deimos which look like the bright in the night sky. Founded by the astronomer Asaph Hall, he named the moons after the sons of the Greek war god Ares — Phobos means "fear," while Deimos means "rout." Ultraviolet light reflected from Phobos provides strong evidence that the moon is a captured asteroid, according to astronomers at the University of Padova in Italy. Watching these 2 moons together is still a dream for many like you and me. I have a surprise for you in the link below which I found recently. Please click the link and enjoy the pleasure of watching the entire solar system in a 3-Dimensional view. Thank you for reading. Please Subscribe for more such content.



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