5 reasons why fashion industry has a great future ahead?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

By: Anushka De

If you are a Fashion enthusiast and wondering what's the future of the Fashion Industry in the post-Covid world then this article quenches your thirst.

The fashion industry has been one of the largest global enterprises for a very long time now. In the present times, the dynamic trends and constantly evolving techniques are intrinsically related to this sector.

They have competently guaranteed a great future of the fashion industry ahead; despite the turbulent pandemic situation around us.

Now if you are someone who really enjoys being updated about all the fashion and apparel business, this article is for you. Here are the top 5 reasons why the fashion industry has a promising future ahead:

Models adorning the beauty of the Ramp
Models adorning the beauty of the Ramp

Æ The Progress towards Sustainable fashion

So what exactly, is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion, also known as eco-fashion, is a dynamic procedure to address the environmental and ethical issues related to the fashion industry, so as to evolve towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.

It is more of a holistic process taken up by the industry, to maximize the benefits of the industry as well as of the society at large.

More and more fashion brands are manufacturing, marketing, and investing in eco-friendly products and viewing the benefits from a socio-economic perspective.

Æ Improved technological developments

Technology making its way in the Fashion world
Technology making its way in the Fashion world

How is technology assuring a brighter future for the fashion industry? So here’s the thing:

The fashion industry incorporates several procedures to successfully bring out a product. Just like all other sectors, the use of improved technology aids in faster development in the fashion industry as well.

Besides, it also helps in better communication across the world and in data analytics, which in turn helps the companies to figure out stuffs like how much waste will be produced and so on.

These facts would not only help the company to reduce the quantity of waste produced annually but would also make the entire procedure cost-effective in various ways. Thus technology is establishing itself as a significant factor that would catalyze the growth of the fashion industry in the future.

Æ Changes in consumer demands

Consumers lined up to beautify their gorgeous look
Consumers lined up to beautify their gorgeous look

More and more brands have begun to notice the changes that have crept in the patterns of consumer demands.

A recent report showed that 66% of the customers are willing to pay more for sustainable and more durable products. Consumers have now become extremely conscious regarding what they want or need from the industry and uplifting it on so many levels.

This is gradually driving the brands to readily share their knowledge and procedures and thus these comprehensive changes are proving to be exceedingly profitable for the fashion industry and will probably continue to be so.

Æ Body Image: Diversity and inclusion

Is the increasing awareness about body positivity linked to the fashion industry?

Well, the answer is clearly: Yes!

A decade back, people weren't so informed and aware of body image and positivity as they are today. Back then, they simply wanted to fit into the so-called 'norms' to look good or come off as trendy or cool.

But thankfully; today, most of us are putting a conscious effort towards being more inclusive and as already mentioned, the fashion industry has always paid attention to consumer demands.

A picture defying  of Body Image:  A sign of Inclusiveness
A picture defying of Body Image: A sign of Inclusiveness

So, this change towards body positivity is a major factor that impacts the fashion industry and makes sure that it would flourish in the times to come. For instance, now we have more brands that are keen to produce plus-sized products and garments.