• Srijita Pathak

5 productive exercises to remain fresh and active throughout the day

Exercising not only helps in staying fit and healthy, but also helps in staying fresh and recharged throughout the day. It helps you to look fresh and rejuvenated throughout the course of the day.

It helps in setting a positive mood for the day, it also increases your productivity and improve your concentration.

Early morning exercise has been scientifically proven to significantly improve your health and help you remain active throughout the day.

Here are some exercises you can do in the morning in order to look fresh for the day!


Stretching is considered to be one of the most beneficial exercises for all age groups. It helps in making the muscles stronger and also improves blood flow to the muscles.

In order to do this exercise

- Stand with legs apart aligned to your shoulders and take both your hands above your head and stretch them to the best of your ability. Keep your core steady.

remain fresh and energetic


This exercise requires the involvement of every leg muscle, it helps in the toning of the calves. It helps in making the hamstring muscles stronger.

Squats are said to also help in losing weight and improve the working of the leg muscles.

- Stand with your core steady and your legs apart and bend down till your knees are at a 90 degree angle.

- Hold the position for a few seconds and then stand up straight.

Fresh and energetic


Another stretching exercise to help kick start your day. This exercise helps in improving upper back flexibility and also helps reduce belly fat.

- Sit down with one knee folded and the other leg stretched.

- With your hand try to touch the toe of the extended leg and stay in that position, ensuring your chest touches your knee, come back to normal position after a few minutes.

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Fresh and energetic


This exercise helps in improving breathing along with helping in making the abdominal muscles stronger. It also helps in losing lower abdomen fat.

-Lie down with your legs straight and you hands behind your head

-Then fold your knees and lift your upper body up so that you're face is near your knees.

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Fresh and energetic


If possible try and incorporate weight exercises to your morning exercise schedule.

They help in toning the muscles and also help in losing weight.

You can start with smaller weights but with proper guidance, since fatigue can hinder the whole benefit of exercising.

Fresh and energetic

The last but not the least, the most effective morning exercise to improve breathing, agility, endurance is plain simple jogging. It generally should include 30-45 mins of rigorous jogging.

It should be ideally done outside for some fresh air, but using a treadmill is also helpful.

Fresh and energetic

Exercising not only has physical and physiological benefits but also psychological benefits. It helps you by setting a positive mood and rejuvenating your mind.

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