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5 Important reasons as to why you must have a regular exercising schedule?

Getting done weeks worth of assignments and homework would sure get your brain worked out but what about the body which has been sitting still for hours and hours.

You cant even find a reason why exercising is bad for your health

The pandemic has all of us being hardcore couch potatoes and it is certainly reflecting on our bodies. Before the pandemic we had a schedule, we had a routine and we were fully flexing all of our abilities, to bring back that routine. Let's dive into some of the beneficial factors that could motivate you to work out better and actually through that you could have your head cleared up to make a pandemic routine.

Mood enhancer

When you sweat it out, the energy that you feel is immense. Sure your body might feel exhausted but the feeling of accomplishment would fill in your mind and body alike. After a refreshing bath, you would be light in your movements and bright in your mood.

It boosts up happy chemicals by increasing the circulation of endorphins and gives you immense self-confidence. Just a 30 min workout and you are happy as a bright little canopy bird.

Healthy body

Let's talk about the basic advantage of exercising, A HEALTHY BODY the reason this wasn’t listed as number one is that more than a healthy body we need to have a healthy mind especially in this pandemic age.

To list how many ways in which your internal organs, your muscles, your bones benefit from this could go on to more than just a two-digit number. A walk around the park and boom you are one day down from beating blood sugar.


Not only your bones and muscles even your skin benefits from your workout session. The oxidative stress in your body could affect the skin cells of your body. The antioxidants in your body might not be able to fight them off.

With regular exercise, the body will be able to produce more antioxidants and fight those spots and marks with ease giving you clear and smooth skin from head to toe.


With exercising, you increase your heart rate which in turn lets in more oxygen to the brain which again paves a way to enhance the growth of brain cells.

Working out regularly can prove extremely fruitful to you as let's be honest sometimes our brain feels hazy and directionless. With further ageing, we may even risk the factor of having Alzheimer's.

So a tough workout session will have your brain do the higher thinking, decision making, and learning as easy as scrolling through Instagram.

A note to be added, often bulky guys are portrayed to be dumb and dull. They just care about their triceps and biceps. Well, that is just a stereotype because being muscly and clever cannot go hand in hand, oh NO! Exactly like all blondes are dumb women all bulky guys are dumb men. That is a stereotype we need to remove from our society.

Relaxation and Addiction

Who doesn't love relaxing into a movie with popcorn and carbonated drinks by your side completely being a couch potato and getting addicted to binge-watching? However, this is not how you relax.

After exercising your body core temperature rises and after a good 6-7 hours, your temperature goes back to normal indicating that the body needs to sleep. It gives you automatic relaxation and peace to your mind. Even people with insomnia could benefit from regular exercise.

Addiction could be to anything from a TV series to alcohol. Exercising could help the mind take control of itself and find a dopamine release in activities. Cravings could be stopped and can help reset the body clock.

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