5 Habits to earn the respect you deserve in a group

Respect can be earned as well as forced, but what lasts, in the long run, is definitely the former.

What is the true meaning of respect?

Is it obeying a person's command without any question, blindly following and believing that person? True respect is when someone admires you for your skills, for your abilities, for your achievements, for your qualities.

That said, let's see the different ways you can allow yourself to earn respect.

Don't instil fear

When you lead a group it is necessary for the people that follow you to look up to you, to not doubt you for your capabilities. To earn respect you don't have to be strict or mean to get them scared and accept your decisions that will come under respect that is forced.

Fear is not equal to respect

While trying to earn respect, it is important to understand not to instil fear in your admirers' mind.

When a person respects you, they involuntarily trust you too, and they can open their minds with you. However, if they fear you, that may not be in your favour.

Soft words

Talk politely, use kindful words, help those around you. We have been learning these simple moral lessons growing up, but when it is implemented you can see the difference around you. When you go out how do you expect people to greet you and treat you, those expectations when you apply to other people, karma will bounce back and treat you the same way.

Body language

When you utter words of respect, carry out that in your body language too, rolling your eyes, scoffing, waving your hands against their faces, giving attention to your phone without excusing yourself when they are talking to you is not ideal in any conversation and it will definitely not get you respect from someone.

Cool your ego

Since AI hasn't been common among us, we have humans to work for us, with us and we work under humans. And since we aren't robots we make mistakes and it could happen to anyone. No person has ever escaped from life without being mistaken once in their life.

When such a circumstance happens, it is important to understand that how you respond to their mistakes will determine how they recover from their mistakes and take care of not repeating the same mistakes.


There is always a limit in doing any single work. Being too nice, being too strict, being too much of anything could actually cause harm rather than getting into people's good books or earning their respect. Have a desirable amount of charm in everything that you do.

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