5 habits that destroy your focus and productivity every-day

Rewinding the needle of the clock back to ten years from now, let’s spare a thought to understand that what were the things that caught our heads and hence choked the entire beautiful day. For me, it was a perpetual thought to get hold of a cricket bat in the evening which derailed my scheduled plans of a day.

From wondering, I will score 100 runs in the evening to actually showing my back as I got out without troubling the score was how my brain spent a large time in my entire childhood which contributed to my incomplete school assignments. So, this was my story back in my childhood days. So, now what kept you distracted during your childhood? The reason why I started with reminiscing the past experiences is that there was variance in things which kept us engaged in life, unlike today.

While palm-fitting mobile phones have become a constant in today’s lives, it has widely influenced people’s lives exponentially. So, we all have been equally hit by a tangible object which people love to stare day in and day out. Gear up as we check out what’s more in the list!

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This article is an attempt to throw out habits which have taken a toll on your career and life with immediate effect. Come without further ado, let us track where you are going wrong!

5. Waking up late
Focus in life

While smartphones have even taken a massive hit on a human’s average sleep cycle, people tend to remain awake late at nights browsing the internet with complete mindlessness. The major difference between a winner and an average is the discipline which the former carries in his life.

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Having a regular and healthy sleep is one of the most important aspects if you want to sleep the next day with a happy heart. It strengthens your mind and body with energy and vigour. Moreover, it gives you an extra mile of gloriousness when you see yourself staying ahead from others. By the time the world wakes up, you are already with half of your tasks completed under your belt. Sounds nice? Try and implement it in your life and drop a comment if it makes you feel great about yourself!

4. Throwing self-discipline to the wind

Focus in life

Imposing self-discipline on yourself is a device that can transform you to become the best version of yourself. Cutting down on habits that are really taking a toll over you requires a lot of guts. In what can be a mark of the great sign of respect that the cricketing stalwart Virat Kohli garnered over the years to his name is all because of his self-discipline. In other words, self-discipline rewards you back in multiplication. Getting your body to resonate the confidence is a great attribute which is attached to self-discipline. Initially, it will be tough for your mind to resist a tectonic shift in the form of change but all it takes is 21 days to fit in the changing landscape of life.

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3. The needle of the clock runs faster when you are online!

Focus in life

A lot of us must have realised that when our eyes and mind fall into the trap of mobile phones 60 minutes of incessant staring at the phone seems like 10 minutes. Such is the gross impact of smartphones. Now, what’s the way out? Conditioning yourself to fight against this habit is an only way forward keeping in mind the importance of the same as well. Space out time where you will only devote to your phone surfing internet in that particular time. At other times, it's advisable to keep the cell-phones out of your sight for the rest of the time so that you win this race against your temptation. Buckle up and give it a shot!

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2. Not defining your priority in life

Focus in life

One of the major problems which today’s generation is facing is an aimless life. This leads a lot of people to give up their life as they often start to undermine their worthiness which sounds disgraceful. Hence, fixing and prioritizing things in life is a must so that you gain an idea to ensure that your life is steering in the right direction. Falling in a position where you are clueless is a sign of carelessness which nobody must show to their life.

1. Get your hands out of the dirty gutter of complaining and finding excuses

Focus in life

Often, a major mistake which we tend to make on a regular basis is fuelling a hot, boiling and glaring mistake with an excuse or a complaint. To be very precise and succinct, the person who has justification for every procrastination finds their fate derailed from the path of glory and fame. Never feel disappointed when you face a major low in your life. It’s a sign that something fascinating is on your way. Let the hard work continue till success seeps in. Without any two minds, get yourself out from the clutches of nasty excuses.