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5 habit to keep away nervousness

Nervousness is extremely common in many different situations. We can get nervousness in a new environment, maybe while presenting, giving an interview, or even talking to people. Being nervous is human nature. We have an anxious feeling in our body when we have to face something unfamiliar or we don’t know the consequences of the actions. Even though being nervous is pretty common nervousness can ruin many things for people.

Nervousness is a constant anxious feeling and this often ruins how we present ourselves. Sometimes what we think as nervousness can also turn out to be anxiety and more people suffer from an anxiety disorder than they know.

Working even on simple task can get extremely problematic with severe anxiety, controlling your anxiety and nervousness so that we can work without ending up shaking and with shortness of breath trying to do simple tasks. Here are 5 habits to keep away nervousness.

Breathing practicing

Keep away nervousness

When nervousness or anxiety hits during certain situations it makes you restless. You need to keep yourself under control, the best way to do that is by keeping your breathing in check. Breathing exercises and counting your breathing patterns is a way to calm yourself down. Take in deep breaths and keep counting your breath in a pattern before doing anything that makes you nervous or anxious as it will calm your nerves and makes the work easier.


Make it a habit to prepare yourself for whatever you are going to do prior to the event. Even if it is as simple as talking to someone or attending an interview. Keep yourself mentally prepared for the event so that the situation doesn’t overwhelm you. Keeping your self mentally prepared allows you to be calmer during the situation.

Take up new habits

Fall into a routine and make a place for a new habit or start your old habits again. Habits like drawing, reading, gardening, writing etc are relaxing. When you are anxious you can start doing anyone these and it calms your mind. These habits help you divert your mind and as you concentrate on something you like your body relaxes and it helps you ease your nervousness or the anxiety.

Limit your caffeine intake

Keep away nervousness

Caffeine makes you more jittery. It adds to the symptoms of anxiety. Taking caffeine is a habit of most people but some take it to an addictive point, it gives you a sense that it helps you in calming yourself but it actually does the opposite. Too much caffeine in your body increases the chances of getting in anxiety attacks and can also turn out to be really harming for your body.


Keep away nervousness

Exercising is the best way to keep your body in check. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Your body needs to freshen up along with your mind in order to work properly. You need a healthy body to tackle nervousness and anxiety. Daily exercising helps in keeping your body and mind clean, it also relaxes your body which helps in concentrating on the work without feeling anxious.

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