5 foods you shouldn’t Eat on an Empty Stomach!

By Ratul Sen

Most of us in today’s chaotic world barely get time for ourselves. With all that’s been going on right now, it is extremely important that we keep ourselves fit and healthy from top to bottom. You may think that the beginning of the day could be done with fresh fruits or a vegetable but what if you are completely wrong!

1) Yogurt and other fermented products


Most of us believe that having milk and other dairy products on an empty stomach early morning boosts our immunity and makes our body healthier and stronger. On the contrary eating dairy-related products on an empty stomach can cause the production of hydrochloric acid.

This kills the good lactic acid bacteria present in your body and as result dairy products have little or no benefits at all. It is always advised that before eating anything you should have a glass of water. In doing so cleanses your body from the inside and keeps you hydrated as well.

2) Shortcrust, candy’s and pastries


One of the worst food that a person could have in an empty stomach. Most of these foods contain exorbitantly high levels of sugar and salt. These can lead to increased levels of sugar at times leading to diabetes.

Puff pastries are also a major killer as they are mainly made out of dough and contains yeast. Eating these can lead to increased levels of flatulence and at times overeating leading to obesity. Instead, you can always chum up on a healthy fiber-rich oatmeal bowl.

3) Citrus fruits


These are another major killer food as consuming them on an empty stomach daily can cause increased levels of acidity in a person. Moreover, when eaten on an empty stomach they can cause heartburn and often at times even leading up to gastritis or even gastric ulcer.

Instead, you can always have fruits that are less acidic such as watermelon as they are rich in body fluids. Besides, it’s really good for your eyes and heart as it is rich in Lycopene.

4) Cucumber and other green leafy vegetables


While most of us think that what harm can leafy vegetables probably cause as they are rich in Vitamin A, C & D, there are some hazards connected to it. These raw vegetables are a major source of amino acids. However, eating them on an empty stomach can cause heartburn and abdominal pain when consumed.

Instead, you can always boil some vegetables and then eat them as this neutralizes the acidic effect or else you can have them at a later time of the day during lunch or as an evening vitamin-rich salad bowl.

5) Spicy food & Carbonated drinks


These are a total no for an empty stomach. Meals as these foods are always masked with heavy amounts of salt, sugar, and oil. These oily and spicy foods are detrimental to our liver and can cause the production of increased levels of hydrochloric acid in our stomach causing gastritis and acidity.

Carbonated beverages are also other major sources of sugary food and cause increased levels of blood sugar. It also damages the mucous membrane and reduces blood supply to the stomach, as a result, our body digests the food more slowly.

Instead, you can always have a cup of green tea or fresh juices as they boost our immune system by providing strength and energy to our system for the day ahead.

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