• Thanushree Anil

5 eye-popping ways to help rid social anxiety post lockdown

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

By: Thanushree Anil

Staring at the screen has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether we are grown-ups or teens, it’s the same.

Taking down notes as a college student to starting a meeting at the click of a button for a business deal we have grown accustomed to the stare-at-the-flat-screen phenomena.

A recent study on a zebrafish gave an insight into a revelation that humans might be anxious for social interaction post lockdown.

Jot it

The fact of interacting with other people after constantly looking at them on the screen for months, or coming up with the answers quickly when we had a lot of time answering through messages, in no time you would be back to googling how to build up confidence and enhance your communication skills.

Now what we proud overthinkers would think about is, one definitely being the social interaction mentioned above and the other would be getting infected by the virus.

We might get the vaccine and the virus may be 6ft under but we would still have that fear, what if someone is still infected? What if this scenario? What if that scenario?

Overthinkers have quite the imagination when it comes to something utterly impossible, they can find loopholes by thinking in every single angle that can’t be imagined at all by the not so overthinkers.

Write it out! we overthinkers are big-time storytellers with thrillers coming up every corner, so why not jot it down and turn into a story.

It would be in your hands how you want the virus to resurface with maybe aliens landing on the earth. You can take control of the situation, you are the author, bring in as many disasters you want and bring in as many twists you want.

Now, who can stop you from overthinking!


Once the lockdown has ended and the nightmare is forever dead, and people going about their work it might take a toll on people with anxiety.

Life is like a maze maybe even a labyrinth with monsters lurking in every corner to test us, so what do the heroes do? they enhance their fighting skills, sharpen their tools, they prepare themselves for the incoming quest.

sharpening your mind

Comparably our tools and weapons are our minds. Honing and chiseling our activities and giving ourselves importance other than our parents could release the serotonin and slowly overcome our fear and anxiety.

Of course, we will never know what the situation will be even for the next minute, but if our mind is strong enough, it could handle any sort of difficult situation that might come our way.

Stop Judging

Memes go on and on about how the introverts have it better, how they are enjoying so much being cooped up inside the house and how the extroverts are suffering. And when the pandemic is over the former are going to suffer the most.

To begin with, introverts are people who enjoy their own company and occasionally meet and follow up with people and interact. They do have a life and their thoughts are inversely proportional to how much you think they are a bore.

Being cooped up in the house with Netflix and isolated is not how any person would want to spend their lives. Some of us love to party at the dance club and some of us at a book club. It’s the same adrenaline rush.

Subsequently when it is actually time to go out and meet people. All of us need to be considerate to one and another as months of being alone or being in a toxic family could have lasting effects.

Eat sleep work don’t repeat

Keep hustling be bustling with your studies, with your work, with your career. There is nothing more positive than making progress in your life. Thinking about the past and dwelling in the past could only draw you back and driving your mind to another lockdown.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” the proverb has been reverbed around for centuries.