• Thanushree Anil

5 Effective ways to avoid yelling your mind to bad health

Yelling is the primary indication that you don’t know how to handle a situation with a calm mind or do what is necessary at that point in time. 

You become someone else that isn't your nature. Practicality and down to earth attitude go into the wind as you cuss out using distrustful languages. It just indicates your impatience in understanding someone and how to handle the situation.


And no, the yelling cannot be just forgotten, the words are imprinted in the other person’s mind in one way or another. Sure, they could be reminded of a certain act that is unacceptable but with that, a whole lot of mental disorders could take form. 

Being yelled at and yelling at a person equally has damaging effects. 

An Untold Truth

It may have happened in your childhood, it may have irked your insecurity, it may have questioned your authority, it may have evoked a certain emotion that you built so many walls around it. That “IT” could have been triggered and your brain shuts you off completely and stops responding to logical thinking and speaks what comes into your mind first. 

That is the reason most of the time when someone yells, there is no hint of logic and just pure irrational words.

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Emotional Safety

If you feel that you are about to burst into yelling, close your eyes, and think about the effect it might have on your relationships. Of course, you will never be able to think in that angle but train your mind to have its emotional safe secure. 

Let the other person know that you aren't liking their tone, their words, their accusations and are triggering you. 

Never let your emotional safety be threatened because once you yell and shout create a scene, people might start distrusting for decision making, for opinions.


Youngsters face this situation with their parents, the children feel a certain distrust with their parents because they don’t know how parents would react to those decisions, opinions, or situations and hence begins to lie, to keep secrets, to say that its nothing even when they are crumbling inside with confusions. 

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When it's visible that something is about to trigger you, it is safe to just leave.

Yup, that’s it just leaves, say you need to be excused, say that you will talk about it later but not now because you can't think straight and it would lead to an ugly end. 

Remove yourself from that situation to clear up your head, it would be effective and you could see the loopholes, the madness that you thought of saying and you would be so elated that such an incident didn’t happen. 

Flatter yourself

If you had a bad day and had really irksome conversations with people, do yourself a favour, and treat yourself. Be your own party thrower, be your own hype up person. Go out eat the cheesiest pizza, binge watch a show, or some people just plunge themselves to work. Anything that makes the mind calm and forgets about the trivial one-moment irritation.

Open your third eye

If a person is annoying to such high extents, call them out then and there. Tell them that either they need to change their perspective or work out together a solution for that. 

Don’t let that annoyance, anger build up and something as a tiny needle would tend to burst it. Later on, you might be known as someone who yells at people for petty issues. 

Avoid such circumstances to happen and as they always say precaution is better than cure. 

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