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5 Easy tricks to convince people

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Wikipedia defines confidence as "a state of being clear-headed either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. "

Believing in oneself that the path, the words, the actions are correct, are apt, are practical decisions precisely made because of the belief that they are right.

Its what the new generation calls giving off a "vibe", the growing generation's biggest fact-checker is the vibe that a person gives off. A conversation later and how your image pertains determines what vibe you just gave off.

That said, the first and foremost tip,


A tone of absolute surety could instil the listener that you may be right. There are two types of techniques that you should muster up with depending on the person.

The first one being, someone who walks through an emotional path. They see everything with a connection of feelings, empathy, and trust.


They listen to someone they can trust and would let them break their walls.

Humans are social animals, they don't hiss at you for being a stranger, they build imaginary walls that with trust will come crumbling down.

Certain words, phrases will trigger the oxytocin hormone and in turn, fill the body with a sense of trust.

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The second one who has built walls with logic, who thinks of life in a certain perspective that mirrors an algorithm, they have perfect reasoning for every action that they do. Their life is dedicated to finding more and more steps to lead their life.

One logical thump and then another will bring their walls down.


Convincing someone for something that you need, could be quite difficult. We Indians are proud bargainers and we could take an example from the shopkeepers who usually state a higher price and then the customer's bargain to its original price, thus no loss for the shopkeepers.


Similarly while convincing someone for something, ask for something bigger first, and when they deny it, ask for something less which is exactly what you want and it will be easier to convince the other party.



Let's be honest, we have all used the parent card for so many reasons, especially for going out or hanging out with someone. Parents are a perfect excuse to say "Oh my mom didn't agree, I can't come." Classic excuse and it will get you out of almost everything. Parent's words have so much power.

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So when you try to persuade someone or convince someone, say that your mother recommended it or you got this insight from your father, because people consider the words of parents to be trustable and reliable and easily break their walls.


Instead of only focussing on convincing the other person of what you need and what you want, focus again on breaking their walls. Even the shyest people open up when you ask about them, about their life experiences, and appreciating them for certain choices and understanding their experiences will make the conversation flow easily.

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Once the conversation flows easily, they would be genuinely interested in conversing with you and that would take you into their good books.

Maintaining eye contact will also help in conversing, be careful that it isn't too creepy or awkward, and it's just the right amount of eye contact.


Asking for something big could take days to break their walls, so plan ahead and start by approaching them for something insignificant like let's say a book. After returning the book you could input the review to them and a conversation is easily made. Hence the relations could be strong for you to convince or persuade them.


While convincing someone, talk about the good it would bring about for you. This trick is especially applicable to parents. Talk about how useful it is, how convenient it would make your life. Talk about the greater good.

Insist on the futuristic values it would bring, especially using the word "will" will enhance the necessity of why you need them to be convinced for the particular object or thing. That said everything does have their limit and being too pushy is not ideal too.

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