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5 easy tips to avoid getting annoyed with your partner’s irritating traits

Relationships are tough, isn’t it so?

Well, yes the truth is they are! But they can also be pleasant and fulfilling besides just being ‘tough’ if they are acknowledged and addressed the right way. After all, every relationship has the ‘not-so-pleasant’ quirky parts, don’t they? The trick here is to address those parts along with the good ones and not just avoid talking about them.

If you are looking for tips to handle your relationship better, this article is going to quench your thirst. Here are 5 great tips to avoid getting annoyed with your partner’s irritating traits. So don’t avoid this article and spare 5 minutes to give it a quick read so that you can avoid getting annoyed by your partner instead.

Æ Weigh it well:

If you find yourself getting irritated with certain traits of your partner, then do not stress over it.

Yes, you heard it right. It is nothing to essentially worry about. Instead understand that it is completely okay because you and your partner are two different individuals and you might not like or enjoy literally, everything about each other.

But you need to ask yourself whether it is affecting your relationship or harming it in any way. If yes, then you need to take steps about it and think it through. You might then need to analyze whether the trait is actually a red flag in the relationship or is it your irritation regarding the trait. For example, say if you are finding your partner a bit flaky or you feel that they don’t make time for you enough and that irritates you then clearly it’s the cause of irritation that is threatening your relationship. Not spending quality time is a red flag and it's okay if it annoys you. On the other hand say if your partner is a cleanliness freak or a little less punctual and you are fretting over it then maybe you can think about handling it better because in this case: your irritation> their trait.

If it is not harming you both in any way, then maybe it can be left alone. So as you can see, weighing it thoroughly is really the most important part.

Thinking it through will lead to a happy relationship

Æ The age-old – ‘Pros and Cons’ rule:

Do you get really mad over more than one trait of your partner?

If the answer is yes, then you will find the ‘Pros and Cons’ rule handy! Now as you know, it is about jotting down the irritating traits of your partner along with some of their good traits which had impressed you in the first place. So every time you get annoyed with them over anything silly your ‘pros and cons’ list will immediately crop up in your head and then you can effectively counter your annoyance with one of the positive aspects of your partner.

Æ More quality time and more space:

Have you and your partner had the conversation about space and individual boundaries?

Spending quality time is very important.

If you haven’t yet, then consider doing it as soon as you can. Every stable relationship requires this super important conversation about individual space.

As already said, you and your partner are two separate individuals and you might not agree with each other all the time. Both of you may get annoyed with some traits of the other. So the trick here is to communicate better and spend quality time with each other (but not the entire day). You may also take a break when you both feel the need to. It is necessary to realize that both the partners need some “me time” to function properly and it would not only help them as individuals but negotiating your boundaries and space will also incorporate a lot of stability to the relationship.

Æ Communicate more and talk openly:

Do you avoid talking about the unpleasant parts of your relationship?

really mad
A fun and casual conversation can actually be effective

Well, a lot of people tend to do this but in reality, it never yields any good result. Believe it or not, but communication is literally the key solution to most of your problems as a couple. So instead of being really mad at your partner, and repressing it continuously; it would be best if you just sit with a clear head and talk about how you feel with your partner.

If you get annoyed with a certain trait of him/her, don’t keep on hiding your irritation from them and let them know. Talk more openly but make sure you be compassionate and humble while expressing your annoyance or disappointment to them. Your comments should not come off as a personal attack on the other person. Understand, that the proper way of expression can also help you to deal with it because it prevents a verbal argument from escalating quickly.

Communication is the key

While conversing about these grave parts of the relationship understanding each other patiently is extremely important. Remember, it can also be a fun and casual conversation and can still help you get rid of both of your negative feelings.

Æ Deal with your annoyance:

Understanding yourself better can also be an effective method of dealing with this.

Be honest with yourself and delve deeper into the roots of your annoyance in the relationship. Make sincere efforts towards understanding yourself better and try to get a grip on why you are getting annoyed frequently. It might be that you are disturbed for some reason and that can make you all the more vulnerable to irritation, anger, and such other feelings.

So the best suggestion would be to try and deal with the turmoil in your emotional landscape first. It would make you more patient, understanding and will also help you to keep a check on the frequency of getting really mad over your partner’s irritating traits. Once you are done with dealing with yourself and your frustration move ahead to have a concrete communication with your partner over these issues.

Spend time with yourself and deal with your annoyance

If you have read all the above tips to avoid getting annoyed by your partner’s irritating traits, then you have already begun to put forth your efforts into this. Now start implementing the above and you will see the results in no time!

Understand that any relationship requires both partners to understand and accept each other holistically and there’s clearly no alternative to that. Accept that the traits you find irritating in your partner are a part of who they are and you both can surely work on it but never omit it completely. Also, studies show that a little bit of annoyance can be the sign of a relationship. So buckle up, follow the tricks here and have a great time ahead in your relationships.

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