By : Debangana Roy

Korean fashion has come into limelight due to its relevance with the youth these days. Korean dresses are highly suited for street wear and the designers style the outfits for the youth which is adaptable to both casual days and party wear. Korean designers create fashion that is both relatable and appealing to the masses.

Korean dramas and Korean music which are an integral part of the Korean culture have been acknowledged worldwide and the Korean artists contribute to the rapid spread and acknowledgement of the Korean fashion industry across the globe.

Today let’s venture into how Korean dressing style can lift our fashion quotient in a click of time:

5. Play with colours

It is okay to stick to basic or nude colours for work wear but you could definitely play with colours while going out for shopping, or for a brunch with your family, a girl’s day out and on your dates. Korean style mostly includes wearing solid colours, colour blocking and most quirky neon colours.

You may be wondering that neon colours can be too attention seeking but if used strategically it adds a fun element to your outfit.

Wear a neon coloured T-shirt with your joggers, or pair a neon sneaker with a casual day’s outfit, or add a neon coloured headband, or a neon belt to a solid coloured outfit. Wearing Solid coloured or coloured blocked outfits are also a regular style statement in Korean style. One coloured outfits and colour blocking helps you look chic. Korean dressing includes very less prints or checks.

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Korean fashion style

4. Slip into your slip dress but never forget to leave your comfy T-shirt and sneakers behind

We all love to wear dresses but there may be times when we absolutely fall in love with a certain dress or may be a dress on sale is an absolute favourite but the only problem that may arise is that you would not feel confident in that dress because you may not be accustomed to wearing dresses that may show off your skin. That is the time when your T-shirts come to rescue. Hop into your T-shirt before you slip into your slip dress. And tadaa you are absolutely confident to pull off the outfit.

Now another aspect of Korean dressing is that they swear by chunky sneakers. This Korean style statement will make you look absolutely stylish and give you the comfort you would need for a long day out. Chunky sneakers also give you a height without hurting you heels all day long!

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Korean fashion style

3. Layer up you game in the winters

Winter street style of Korea is something we all need to learn from. One can never go wrong with the game of layering. Korean styling teaches us not stick to just layering a single garment but you can add layers to various parts of your outfit.

Layer your turtle neck cardigan with a leather jacket and then a trench-coat and pair it up with a jeans or trousers and an ankle length boot.

Layer your skinny leggings with a skirt and thigh high boots and pair it with a fitted sweater and a waist length jacket or a trench-coat.

Layer your maxi dress with a blazer and then an overcoat and cinch the outfit together at your waist using a waist belt.

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Korean fashion style

2. Keep it up till the waistline

Korean dressing sticks to high waist bottoms, be it a skirt, jeans, joggers, trousers or formal pants. High waist bottoms help to hide your belly fat if you have any and it gives an illusion which helps you to look taller than you actually are.

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Korean fashion style

1. Accessorize though keeping it minimalistic

Accessories may create or spoil an outfit. Adding some accessories to you basic daily outfit adds an oomph factor to your ensemble.

But add accessories to your outfits wisely. Going overboard with accessorizing can destroy the chic factor. Korean style teaches us minimalistic accessorizing.

  • · If you are wearing a neck-piece go with stud earrings.

  • · If you are wearing hoops or a statement earring, do not wear a neck-piece but you may add some rings to your fingers.

  • · Wearing a watch always adds a chic factor to your outfit.

Koreans seem to absolutely love their hats and beanies. Korean styling also mostly include carrying fanny packs and sling bags instead of totes. This will help you to stay hassle free throughout the day and even while partying.

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Korean fashion style

These are some of the Korean dressing style I am absolutely in love with. Hope this will help you to lift up your fashion quotient and you will be now ready to conquer the world!!!