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For the millennials who dream of old school love, getting love letters with poems written about them, getting greeted with the freshest bunch of lily and dates looking up at the sky gazing at the stars, all hope is not lost in this technological era of posting pictures with cheesy captions.

Here are 5 tips that every happy romantic couple use to cherish their relationship.


‘Communication is the key’ the most common tip that is preached by all the relationship counsellors but apart from saying communication is the key, it is essentially comprehending the communication which plays a vital role in a healthy romantic relationship.

Understanding and listening what that tiny little story that they have to say which had an impact in their childhood could give the relationship a sense of care, taking in account of tiny details and isn’t the little things that matter the most. Nothing more than understanding makes a romantic couple.

Have a coffee date from time to time!

Not everyone’s life has adventures to make people awe, life itself is an adventure it doesn’t have to be a solo trip to the Himalayas or backpacking around Europe. Some of their life experiences might not appeal to you and some of yours to them. Nevertheless never make anyone feel inferior by calling them boring, this applies to anyone you converse with you and especially to your partner because insecurity is a tiny snowball that rolls over the mountain of time and becomes life-crushing.

Do things together

Your daily boring activities could be made fun when you synchronise it with your partner. Even if it's just having breakfast together in the morning or binge-watching FRIENDS, there's nothing like a companionship that brings soulful relaxation to the mind.

Go bicycling early in the morning

Everyone has a bucket list, ticking off one by one with your partner could make you the ultimate romantic couple even if it's just meditating together or sky diving, again isn’t it the simplest of the simplest interests that make a happy couple.

These are some of the things that you can do to make convert your relationship like the one in love stories

Binge Watch a New TV Series

Take a Trip Somewhere New

Dine out at a Fancy Restaurant

Go Camping

Take a Workout Class Together

Have a Picnic

There are numerous bucket lists for romantic couples to fulfill here

Of course, some things feel good when done alone, it provides a healthy space from you and your partner.

Every individual has their personal pursuit of happiness and interest, taking care of yourself and loving yourself should be the first priority always. When you love yourself you will have enough love to give to the world.

Set goals together

Couples that hustle together stays together.

Creating an identity for oneself, reaching heights by completely squeezing out your potential, hitting that milestone that you have been dreaming since childhood is enthralling. With the right support system, you could grasp it may be a year before, a month before, or even a week before from what you had planned.

Give them a hand of assurance

Conflicting decisions should be talked out and sorted out, if asking for a third opinion make sure that the person doesn't have the intention to destroy the relationship or and biased opinion in your mind, it should be someone whom you and your partner can both put your faith in.

Contemplate your goals with them, feasible and realistic ideas in alignment with your relationship.

Helping each other grow and assisting your partners in building their future could you get into the good books of a romantic relationship.


A relationship filled with love and passion but without respect would be like pizza without cheese! We could call it a relationship but regarding each other’s emotions, understanding them, thinking it in their shoes, respecting their choices, respecting their opinion adds only and only more love and passion to the relationship.

Respect one another

Just like the Yin Yang, there is goodness in bad and vice versa, maybe what we perceive good is their bad, respecting their preferences and telling them if you are uncomfortable leads to a comfortable open relationship. If you accept their goodness, their negative traits come along with them too.

( Also read Yin Yang explained in Taoism)

Your partner is not a mind reader, if something is making you uncomfortable or upset, speak up, give a healthy criticism for their actions. Build a fort of trust with the walls protecting the self-esteem of your partner so that they can open up and rely on you for any advice or opinion without the fear of judgement and guilty of what they feel.

In this world of glitter and glamour feeling validated has become a weakness for us, our thoughts, contemplations and notions defines us who we are and if someone considers it as flimsy and not validation worthy that could cause uncertainty and lack of self-confidence within ourselves.

All romantic content relationships have these three ingredients; love, passion and respect for a long-lasting embracing relationship.


What could you do more to make them happy, it could be unsophisticated as getting food that they love to tickets to their favourite concert.

Your true love shouldn’t need to ask you for your time and care, just like when you make or take out time for leisure interest you needn’t be thinking with apprehension or disinterest to make time for them. If you find it so, you need to give extra care to the relationship and ask yourself where is the blockade that’s causing you and your partner to be not on the road of a romantic relationship.

Think about waking up at 8 AM, going to work, coming back home, sleep. Rate of boredom could be equivalent to the depth of Mariana Trench. No changes in the routine and life could turn stale, similarly, every relationship does reach a point where it becomes boring, what is more better than tiny, cute surprises to huge eye-watering surprises to get some spice to make your relationship romantic.

Surprises intensify the emotions of happiness or joy. An occasion is not necessary to show how much you love them or appreciate them. Show your love anytime, it's costless.

Surprises are how you get peoples attention and delight them so you get them curious and excited about what you have to offer.

Some people fall in love with the wrong people sometimes, you are lucky if you fall in love with the right person at the right time! Cherish it.

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