• Srijita Pathak

4 ways to enhance your psychic abilities!

What are psychic abilities?

Is it mere prediction of past, present and the future?
What exactly is psychic vision?

Is it merely limited to knowing the future and making predictions about it, or is it beyond that?

Before we delve into preaching techniques about developing psychic abilities, let us define the term.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, psychic abilities refer to the telekinetic or spiritualistic abilities capabilities of a person. It equips people with the ability to speak beyond realistic boundaries.

Are you intrigued by the idea of being ‘psychic’ but are flabbergasted (the meaning of this word lies in its pronunciation) by the complexity of the idea?

Then read this article to find a simplistic view of this idea of being ‘psychic’ and how it can be developed through the simplest of good habits.

These habits go a long way in developing a better understanding of the world around and not limiting one’s perceptions.

However, it can be something as simple as the idea of Deja-Vu, wherein when in a situation, it oddly feels familiar and you have a vague memory of it.

Do you want to work on your psychic abilities and develop them?

The vivid nature of psychic thoughts is similar to that of the flamboyance of the picture
The flamboyance of a psychic mind

The first and foremost step in developing psychic abilities include imbibing patience, self-love, and also requires a lot of practice in order to sharpen your skills.

1. Be open to exploring new ideas

In order to develop psychic abilities, the primary skill is strong intuition and in order to develop that, we have to develop a certain form of flexibility in thought processes, and making sure we are open to new and novel ideas and experiences.

Rigidity becomes a setback in learning any sort of intuitive or mental abilities, thus fluidity of thoughts becomes significant.

2. Observe the energy a person radiates

Understanding the person’s energy and developing an idea about his/her ‘vibes’ also facilitates your psychic abilities. This can also be developed by formulating an idea about comprehending the body language of a person.

(read our article on understanding body language to know more!)

Challenge yourself to determine the energy of a person you do not know, and later strike up a conversation with that person to determine the credibility of your interpretation yourself. This will help you develop a vague idea about your abilities and what you need to work on when it comes to reading people!

This will also help you in making new friends and widening your social circle!

3. Predict!
The power of strong imagination is surreal
Widen the horizons of your mind

Expand your imaginative powers and widen the horizons of your perspective. When you make plans to visit a new place, try and imagine how you picture it to be based on the descriptions provided textually. Ask a friend who has been to the place to provide you with vivid descriptions about the place, sit down, close your eyes and imagine how the place looks to you or how you picture it to be!

This will also help you in developing a taste for exploring new places for the sake of practice and working on your strengths.

4. Research!

The last and the most important step in the process of any sort of learning is definitely finding sufficient information from credible sources, this will prevent in keeping the learning half-hearted. Reading books and taking up courses on ways to develop to psychic abilities, is the best way in receiving first-handed information on the matter.

One such credible source is a book on psychic abilities by Apryl J Douglas wherein he very articulately elucidates the ways to develop psychic abilities and also provides sufficient techniques to help with the same.

You can never go wrong with reading a new book, irrespective of whether you are particularly interested in that particular topic, since knowledge acquired is never knowledge wasted!

Credible information is always beneficial
There is a plethora of information available on psychic abilities

Though be sure to steer clear of the pseudo-psychic guides, they can mislead you and can develop a foggy idea about this practice in your mind.

Don't be dazzled by the glitz and glamour of advertising
Not everybody who claims to be a psychic reader is authentic

Psychic abilities are generally an extension of strong intuitive capabilities and usually connote to the usage of the ‘sixth sense’. It helps you in developing a certain form of wisdom which helps in formulating certain life-altering decisions in the long run.

I wish this article has helped you in developing a broad idea about psychic abilities and how you can work on them!