4 Swedish secrets You must follow to lead a stress-free life in 2020



2020 has been a roller coaster year for nearly all sections of the population. The year brought in various unforeseen circumstances including an unknown virus to be dealt with. Problems like unemployment and economy crisis have emerged as serious concerns.

Amidst all of this how will you manage your sanity and deal with the huge burden of stress, let’s find out what the people of a country located in Northern Europe namely, Sweden do.


Food for thought
Food for thought

The Swedish people pay very importance to this word, ‘lagom’. Now what exactly is the meaning of the term. It can be interpreted as ‘moderation’ or ‘the right balance’, the Swedish people dislike exaggerating or having things in excess. They always aim at keeping the right balance of things so that nothing overflows.

1. How do we imbibe the idea of ‘lagom’ in our life?

Most of the population stays worried about the quantitative which becomes a major source of stress. The first step you need to take in order to manage the stress is “Not get worried about what you do not have, instead be satisfied with what you do have”. This helps in curbing the problem of rushing all the time.


A quote stressing on spirituality
A quote stressing on spirituality

The Swedish people seemed to have cracked the formula most of us strive for- a perfect

work-life balance in spite of having 40 work hours a week, owing to the family laws.

For instance, according to the family laws, parental leave is 480 days through the course of 8 years, and they take weekend family time very seriously. Certain Swedish families move to live in cabins during the weekends as a form of relaxation. They also use the weekend to go the supermarket for snacks and alcohol as a part of their merriment.

2. Millennial's strive for a proper work life balance and their priorities. What can you do to solve this problem?

The professional and personal life should never be mixed up and kept apart. This helps in

keeping a proper balance. A basic idea is that both the professional and the personal domains are merely parts and neither of them should occupy your whole life.


A tradition among the Swedish people or rather an institution that facilitates social gathering and enjoyment with the presence of coffee and desserts.

The Swedish people are very active and like to spend most of their time basking in the beauty of the nature with their family and friends. They organize beach barbeques and campfires in an attempt to bring people together.

3. It has been scientifically proven that, staying outdoors in the natural environment helps in reducing the amount of stress in an individual. What can you do?

So, next time you feel overwhelmed or suffocated, take a walk in the park or go for a run

amidst all that greenery, this will surely make you feel relaxed.

All of this describes their outdoor lifestyle, but they are equally relaxed at their homes. They prefer to stay at home during the harsh cold winter in Sweden. Most homes are equipped with light furniture and white walls, they also use candles to bring out the warmth.

4. How to ensure a stress-free environment indoors?

How we decorate our homes also contributes to our stress levels. Having subtle and light

colors around helps in creating a calm atmosphere. Using simple decorations to give a cozy

and warm essence helps in uplifting our mood.

Match your mood
Match your mood

If you want to release your stress, you can try something as simple as cleaning your house.

All the above-mentioned tips help in improving an individual’s lifestyle and significantly

reduce the stress levels by reducing the occupancy.

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