4 signs that you have a splendid sense of humour

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

While the Covid-riddled world has brought apathy and adversity in bundles in everyone’s lives, it appears that emotions of happiness have gone for a toss. With people going through immense ordeals in their day-to-day life, complexities have multiplied in number. Now, what’s the solution?

How can we bring back the lost happiness even though the gloomy cast of a pandemic continues to hover over our head without any specific time of presence? How can we lead a life the way we used to live in pre-covid times? Is the road too bleak for a person to pass these trying times?

This article caters you with all these tough questions with a hope that it adds a smile of hope on your face after you finish reading the article.

As, without any further ado, let's start answering your quest for a splendid sense of humour:

Here are four signs that prove you have a great sense of humour:

1. You are creative

The quintessential way to be humorous in the true sense of the term is to adapt the quality of being creative. A person which firmly grips the quality of creati-‘witty’ can steer any conversation with ease and smoothness. Without a shad of doubt, he can create an atmosphere in which everyone finds comfortable to put forward their opinion. Eventually, you can be a match-winner if you can find the weirdy ideas which can draw peels of laughter at the same time.

Sense of humour tips improvement

2. You can make laughing a priority

As the old saying goes life is better when you’re laughing, one's tendency to amuse oneself is a winner at the end of the day. A successful life must have laughter playing the striker’s role in order to come out as a champion. Those who have a good sense of humour not only see the value in making others laugh, but they prioritize laughter themselves. And as a result, they're healthier and happier for it: Studies show that smiling instantly boosts your mood and laughing can soothe tension and melt stress.

Sense of humour tips improvement

3. You are self-acceptance

A person who can laugh on one’s mistake is the person who receives greater admiration in the crowd of critics. Hence, learning to laugh on one’s mistake is an art which one must cherish in their lives. Also, it gives you an edge to become a great conversationalist. Therefore, people with a light-hearted attitude do practice more self-acceptance than most. Good-humoured individuals embrace their flaws and laugh them off (and let them go) in a healthy way.

Sense of humour tips improvement

4. Ageing is just a fact of life to you

With each passing year, you get closer to the doors of the inevitable end of the road of life. Hence, it is indispensable to learn to lead a life with a humourous song on your lips. A life is well-lived if you have inculcated the habit of unconditional laughter. Regardless of your social and economic position in your life, if you can amuse the person on the other end with your words and persona you will accentuate respect from every individual in life. Research suggests that a sense of humour increases longevity into retirement. Bring it on, birthdays.

Sense of humour tips improvement

To back all the arguments with proper reasoning-

Overall, humour can benefit us physically and emotionally, according to Peter McGraw, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Colorado Boulder who studies emotions. "[W]hen done well, humour can have a significant positive effect on your life," he wrote for Psychology Today. "By developing a better understanding of humour we believe we can then suggest ways that people can live better lives -- from helping them cope with pain and stress to encouraging people to use humour to criticize brands that have done them wrong."

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