4 principles of Japanese Ikigai which you must endorse in 2020

By- Abhigyan Pandey

The year 2020 has brought along with itself pessimism, gloom and murk which inevitably took away happiness, optimism and glow from our worthy lives. Facing an unprecedented challenging situation is always accompanied by severe traumatic self-doubting thoughts in our minds which even goes on to deflate our self-confidence.

Scrolling down below, will help you get answers to the questions posed by your mind to you.Rendering from the Japanese philosophy, let us move on to learn some of the finest techniques to navigate the brain in the way you want it to.

10 Rules of Ikigai
10 Rules of Ikigai


What's Ikigai? Often, we tend to keep our unavoidable perturbing thoughts within the closed doors of our hearts. Unfortunately, with time we even go on to question our worthiness and paint a bleak future. Here comes the significance of Ikigai. A philosophy meant to calm the human brain and add an exotic taste of love for oneself.It is your calling to not to tear apart when life juggles you at a difficult situation.

So, come on board to understand this beautiful concept and meet your soul.

What you love to do?

Every individual breathing a doze of fresh air on earth has a right to make decisions for his life depending on his own desires. Similarly, it is essential to figure out what intrigues and enthralls him. Understanding one's mission is a key to success in life.

Making a note of one's inclination in a diary can cater them with a beautiful mission in life. Once the mission gets identified, an intrinsic spark within our mind will compel the body and brain to achieve the same.

So, time to hurry up and do not let pessimism snatch your dream from you.

What you are good at?

Many of us tend to not follow our passion just because we think it is impossible to make a carrier out of it. It is a very common problem among every individual in finding out what "moves"them internally.

Often, we overlook our passion because the society twiddles their hands till the time we do not taste the exorbitant success.However,with sheer endeavor towards one's passion, laurels and rewards come running to them. In the words of legendary singer Jon Bon Jovi,"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with life be passionate."

Find out what's your passion which continues to 'move' you even in your deep midnight sleep.

Vien's Diagram depicting the four equations
Vien's Diagram depicting the four equations

What you can be paid for?

In a world which revolves around economy, we cannot reckon a moment to survive without currency notes in our back wallet. Knowing its importance, adding a price to one's passion must be one's goal.

Hence, Ikigai enlightens to direct human lives in a manner that it generates a living for oneself and family. They believe that the biggest justice to one's passion is when one affords to make a living out of it.

It's Time to excel in your mission! Hurry up lad the world is waiting for you to arrive on the stage.

A book on Ikigai written by Ken Mogi
A book on Ikigai written by Ken Mogi

What the world needs?

As a proud global citizen it is essential to instill a social value to serve the world in a positive way. The philosophy indeed epitomizes the alluring idea of the world is one family. Hence it becomes our foremost duty to return the world back which gave everything to us by prioritizing social responsibility.

Now that you have understood the four equations of Ikigai, its time that you find your Ikigai and lead a life free from societal strain.

Time to ask yourself?

Can you re-orient your thoughts and actions with few little positives tweaks to make the best out your life?



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