4 Makeup items that are necessary for a quick touch-up

By Lavina Thavar

Makeup is something that has become a part of our daily life. We love to experiment with our makeup looks. Bold or simple, practical or impractical, heavy, or light makeup irrespective of all these varieties and types of looks, a quick touch-up is something that has always been necessary.

Doing the same makeup all over again, on top of that lovely look that you have created, can be super hectic and at times impossible. On a bright sunny day or for an everyday look not all of us prefer a heavy makeup look. We all like to keep it light and simple. Touch-ups for such light yet simple looks can be a little tricky.

So here are some tips for both oily and dry skin types to keep your makeup look as fresh as possible.

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Oily skin type:

1) Blotting paper:

You must be wondering that a blotting paper is not a makeup item, right? Yes, I know. But for all the oily skin type girls out there, a blotting paper is something that you must always carry in your bag. Investing in a good quality blotting paper will be worth it. It absorbs all the sebum that our skin produces and gets rid of that extra unwanted shine from our skin.

2)Foundation compact:

The oil that our skin produces melts away the foundation and creates fine lines. A foundation compact does not help your skin to get less oily but also gives you that extra coverage that your skin needs. It covers up those fine lines and gives that freshness to your makeup look.

3)Face mist:

Just like other skin types oily skin also needs that extra hydration. Too much moisturizer or hydration can make your skin look very oily and dull. Few sprays of face mist over your makeup will give that perfect amount of hydration without making it look too oily.


Even though these expensive brands of lipstick claim to stay for hours, ends up smudging. To be on the safer side always carry the lipstick you’re wearing on your lips.

Also, carry a coral or a pink colour lipstick depending on the colour of blush you would like to wear. Make sure that the lipstick is not matte. Use this lipstick as your blush. Apply some lipstick on your fingertips. Dab it on the apples of your cheeks. Blend it a little using those same fingers or a beauty blender if you are carrying one. That’s it. A lipstick works the best as a cream blush. It also stays for a long time and blends very easily.

Dry skin types:

1) Face mist or a moisturizer:

If you have dry skin try to use a face mist or a moisturizer on top of your makeup. Make sure to use them generously. Concentrate more on the areas where we usually prefer highlighting such high points of the cheeks, bridge of your n, on the sides of the forehead, and don’t forget your brow bone. This step of touch up will make sure that your foundation doesn’t appear cakey and dry.

2)Cushion foundation/bb cream/cc cream:

A bb cream or a cc cream in a cushion form will be preferable for touch up. But if u have applied your moisturizer or face mist generously, a cushion foundation would also work the best. If you prefer light coverage, Bb cream will be perfect. It gives you the benefits of both a light coverage foundation and a moisturizer.

If you have too many fine lines and blemishes on your skin here’s your cc cream to the rescue. It’ll not only give you a medium coverage but will help u conceal those extra fine less and blemishes. A cushion form is preferable as it makes the application easier on top of your makeup. Choose your favourite cushion foundation according to the kind of coverage you’d prefer depending on your skin condition.


Besides the way of application mentioned above for the oily skin type try not to stick to the lipstick that is matte or too dry for both lips and blush. The reason is being a part of the dry skin family a matte lipstick or some other liquid lipsticks that tend to dry easier might take away the moisture from your lips. If you are willing to go for a matte lip, then try and apply a generous amount of lip balm and then go for it.

The last necessary item that both oily and dry skin type should keep in handy for some touch-up is black kohl. That one little pen-sized kohl gives can help in two different ways. It works as a liner for both the lower and upper lash lines. You can use it as an eyeliner as well. It can help you do your brows. It works as a great touch up for brows. Just rub a bit of kohl on the smallest tip of your finger and work on your brows. You can also do it with a help of a q tip or a brush if you are carrying one.

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So you see we don’t need too many products. You can always work with a minimal amount of product. All you need to know is how to work with it and you will be sorted.

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