• Thanushree Anil

4 Exceptional tips to distance yourself from shyness

People over the years through movies and books have romanticized being shy. The silence that follows the shyness is mysterious and brooding and somehow attractive.

However what is not visible is that the social anxiety it causes, people's interaction, lack of communication. So many hidden attributes which is actually the truth.


As Buddha said “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” It's the mind that hinders us and drives us forward.

When we ready the mind to accept anything and encounter whatever it may be, anxiety, embarrassment, conflictions anything, the mind will be ready with its counter strike.

The first time that you speak in a crowd or a small group, you might stutter, you might freeze, people may laugh, people may point at you, and well if it's a decent crowd they might pity you.

If you train your mind to seek lessons from the embarrassment, you could become even more fluent in communication skills.


You are a human being, you could falter in some circumstances, you could hold your head high in some circumstances. Having compassion for yourself is necessary, you could mess up but never blame yourself for it.


Instead be proud of what you have become, even the slightest change or modification in your attitude. Never forget to forgive yourself and understand yourself, because there will be no one to understand yourself better.


This a century-old tip, "Those who have confidence, they can do anything”.It is in fact absolutely true. Try seeking out things that you have a fierce passion for.

If you are shy it doesn’t mean that you only read or code which is what every single time movies project out. You could bring in confidence and a sense of achievement in what you establish yourself in, no matter what form of field it is, it will definitely bring out the confidence in you.

There is no doubt in the saying, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Because then you love something that you daily, that you aspire, that you inspire, that you are a master.


Slowly as you gain confidence in what you love, your brain would want more, your mind would get the encouragement of getting more, of wanting more of this euphoric self-achievement feeling. And voila! You get the self-confidence for doing something out of your field. It may take time but the wait is worth it.

Keep thinking of that one day!


This is a highly critical situation, you feel you are worthless for stuttering, for fumbling with the words, for fidgeting. YOU start to think low of yourself.

Remember the body and mind listens to your inner thoughts, what your subconscious mind tells you, you presume it to be true.


Stop right there, don’t be critical of something that you just tried once, even if you have tried several times as long as you breathe it's another day it's another chance.

Observe around you, observe the popular girl or guy in your school, look at the way the class representative speaks for speeches at your college or your boss at work, take mental notes on their body language, the help that they take from notes, from direct examples of their life, how they take in the crowd, or how they take in your attention.

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