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3 ways to deal with social media stress in 2020!

What is social media stress? Social media is often considered to be an escape from the exhilarating reality, then why is the negative word ‘stress’ also being associated with it?

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When You try to answer anxiety

Social media is a platform that creates certain unrealistic expectations for us, which ultimately gives rise to anxiety and stress.

It disrupts an individual’s mindset and expectations about themselves and the ‘reality’.

Social Media stress arises when an individual perceives the world portrayed on the digital platform to be a replica of the real world and tries to imitate it. The inability of a person in attaining the expectations as displayed on ‘social media’ leads to a sense of helplessness and a certain identity crisis.

These unrealistic expectations also give rise to certain behavioral problems in individual, and his/her inability in accepting the reality.

If I ask you, during the times of the pandemic when everyone was locked inside their own houses, what is the one thing you couldn’t spend your day without?

It definitely would be our electronic devices namely, phone, tablet, or computer. These devices help us stay connected through ‘social media’ but too much of anything is not good for our health.

anxious child,child' anxiety, child with anxiety,autism,behavioural problems,doom scrolling,keto diet, narcissist,
What goes in the Social Media handler's Mind

‘Avoiding social media stress’ is easier said than done. Social Media is also one of the major modes of communication in the modern world and it facilitates quality communication irrespective of geographical differences.

Some people consider social media to be a blessing whereas some think it is ‘a curse in disguise’. In order to ensure it stays a blessing and does not change into a curse, we as individuals have to take initiative.

“Staying on social media doesn’t necessarily mean you are ‘social’, being social in reality is what counts.”

What are the ways which can help you avoid ‘social media stress’?

1. Minimize the daily usage of social media

Controlling and monitoring the hours spent daily on social media platforms can help reduce the dependency on them. Staying on the digital platform is also important, since it widens our knowledge horizons and opens up the world to us.

What you as an individual need to control is your involvement with ‘social media’ in terms of the hours it consumes.

Use that time to listen to some music, or read a book. Developing a hobby also helps in reducing the dependency on social media.

2. Monitoring what you follow

Filtering and monitoring what information you imbibe from social media is also determinant of how it affects an individual’s ‘peace of mind’. Certain aspects like ‘perfect body image’ have a negative impact on an individual’s mind-especially teenagers.

Social Media Anxiety anxious child,child' anxiety, child with anxiety,autism,behavioural problems,doom scrolling,keto diet, narcissist,
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Next time you are on social media, don’t restrict yourself to merely scrolling through your feed. You can read an article on a global issue, or maybe an environmental issue. This will help in turning you to the brighter side of the picture.

3. Realizing the difference between reality and ‘social media’.

As an individual you need to find that invisible line between ‘what is shown’ and ‘what is’. Finding that fine difference between the digital world and the real world is what makes us practical. The moment we start believing in the possibility of attaining the digital world as a part of the real one, it gives rise to stress.

“Don’t believe everything you read, read about what you believe in.”

Social Media provides us with a wide array of information from different corners of the world every day. It is up to you, what you decide to believe in, it is up to you whether you want social media to become a blessing or a curse.

Social media is a platform which is supposed to a source of recreation and entertainment.

Let us ensure it doesn't do more harm than good.

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