• Riya Jadhav

12 little things that show you're intelligent-without you having to say it

Updated: Aug 26, 2020


You are here, reading this article, probably because you are curious to know how many of these things do you practice?

isn't it?

If yes! Then you are likely a part of this intelligent community already.

Why do I believe that?

Its because any person with a desire to know more about opportunities that can make them better, is already a genius in my POV.

Your act of clicking this link and reading this article is one of that subtle action which you took because somewhere you are in conflict and you want to know whether you are a brilliant skull or not- This is your craving for an opportunity that can give you a good insight on yourself and you are positively looking forward to improve in any way possible.

Congrats this curiosity of yours will take you a long way.


Intelligence is not just about having exceptional mental abilities. It's a very mistaken idea, we all know intelligence can be estimated by analyzing one's IQ level.

But what exactly is IQ,

Is it high when you understand the relativity concept easily or is it low when you don't even know applications of S=D/T ?

According to recent studies,

IQ is of various types and "mathematical IQ" is just one of them.

Linguistic IQ, spatial IQ, social and emotional IQ, etc are few which are considered crucial too. Nowadays few big companies recruit people with more social and emotional IQ levels than mathematical ones. So even if you don't know the applications of S=D/T but you know how to present your ideas in a convincing way in front of a qualified board in a conference, then unquestionably and undeniably you are brilliant.

Our actions define us, more than any set of words can.

I remember being in a summer camp back in my teenage years. I was around 13 years old. we went on a small trek that day and our scheduled activity was valley crossing. The valley was not that deep and it had few poisonous (not fatal) thorny bushes around its edges.One of my friends was really tall and unfortunately while crossing, few thorns pricked her toes. She went all blue and black and collapsed on the ground everyone was so panicked, on top of that our health expert was not around that day(he was running late).

Even instructors were a bit panicked but then one person came out and suggested to tie a scarf around her knee to stop spreading of poison and then she was taken to the hospital and doctors positively acknowledged his action. If he haven't got that idea at the correct time then maybe that case would've gone serious.

So you see this is what intelligence is.

His action proved it.

He was a very quiet and calm person, no one ever expected that he can ever, you know 'literally' save someone's life.

So now that you know what intelligence is about, let me list out 12 things that tops in the list of many, that shows you're brilliant in ways you couldn't think of:

Being organized and neat

Good organizing skills automatically rises the chances of being more professionally active. Everyone loves working with such organized people, because everything they do is well planned and well-executed. This makes them attractive, smart, and approachable professionally.


Being on time for work, school, date everything, shows that you are respectful and you understand the value of time. Respecting others and your own time is an easy indicator that you are focused, dedicated and smart in everything you put your attention into.

You avoid being nosy and you know your limits

Being a person who is lively and engages in every conversation is a good social habit. But if you are someone who keeps their nose around someone else's business then you are in serious trouble. And you should immediately stop doing that.

A person who knows their limits while conversing (professional or personal) is considered to be thoughtful and brilliant.

Holding a door open with a good welcoming smile

Have you ever experienced someone opening a door for you with a wide smile? Isn't it very cheering and heartwarming?

This small act of yours portrays how you put others before yourself. This is a very comforting and welcoming gesture.

Your friend circle defines a part of you

Normally, the top 3 people with whom you spend your maximum time can significantly affect your behavior. If you are best friends with people who are compassionate, focused, and ambitious then you will automatically adopt their traits.

But if you hang out with mafias or drug dealers kinds then you would be no different, the aggressive, patience less, and wrong traits will inherit you in no time.

So choose your friend circle wisely!

Hygienic and nutritious eating habits

Eating nutritious does not mean following rigorous diets, it simply means being more elevated to healthy eating choices when you have alternatives. Eat junkies ones or twice in a month, not more than that.

A person with hygienic and good eating habits knows that his/her body is something he/she has to take care of- till the end. Valuing yourself and keeping a check on your healthcare shows that you are well prioritized and your traits like dis